PEACE AGENCY — invitation to make peaceful means the basis and reduce violence as much as possible

If we meet other human beings and notice that we do not have a common peace culture —
isn’t it at least a possibility to invite them for a laboratory about it (so that peaceful behaviours become the basis, and violent behaviours are reduced as much as possible)?
((– and so that in combination with other laboratories (a sustainability-laboratory and a consensus-laboratory etc.) we can create a best-possible constructive and harmonious bridge (between differently thinking persons or organisations) into a responsible society-system of the future, without unnecessary ’system-battles’…))

In our existing society(-system) we do have ‚work- or employment-agencies‘ and we have ‚war-ministers‘ etc. – but we do not have ’sustainability- or peace-agencies (or ministers)’…
For the most important aspects of our (individual and social) life we do not have organisation-centers!

We want to fill these gaps – and invite you to take part in our laboratories…


Öff Öff alias Jürgen Wagner (founder of the „Movement for Holistic Sustainability“, also called „Givers Movement“, and a member of the little group of „Lifestyle-Gift-Economists“) and the other founders of the Peace Agency (especially the team of the „Holistic Education Laboratory“)
0176 / 27 110 248


PS: If you want to know the ‚logical‘ place of the „Peace Agency“ in the context of our whole work (for a ‚beautiful responsable world for all‘, a „Real Utopia“):
Our most all-inclusive conception is the „Holistic Education Laboratory“; in this education-work the next most all-inclusive workspace is the „Sustainability Agency“ (in German: „Nachhaltigkeits-Agentur“), which connects(/identifies) the personal (self-)education with global responsibility-work…; in the sphere of the „Sustainability Agency“ our „Peace Agency“ (in German: „Friedens-Agentur“) is the next most all-inclusive workspace and takes care of the central aspect of sustainability, which can be called „social sustainability“.
The workspace of the „Peace Agency“ includes all peace-work from direct deescalation-activity, nonviolent actions up to ‚civil defense conceptions‘ (including ‚Nonviolent Communication- and Conflict-Culture NCC‘, ‚Active Listening‘,  ‚Person-Centered Communication‘, ‚Mediation‘, ‚Motivation-Work‘ etc.), and in the end it shall lead to a nonviolent decision-structure. For this work of creating such a nonviolent decision-structure we offer the „Consensus Laboratory“… (In our opinion the direction of this work can be described as: „Let us build ‚Consensus-Communities of Global Sharing‘ as way to ‚Global Consensus-Democracy(Demogracy)’…“)


As scientific literature we recommend (- it is in German -):
ROCHELT, Anke: Bildung für ganzheitliche Nachhaltigkeit bzw. globale Verantwortung. „Globale Identifikation“ statt „Bruchstücks-Denken oder Vergeltung“.
which can be downloaded as a gift at (…
In this book are included some explanations of several practical ‚basis-methods‘ for sustainability-, peace- and consensus-education, which we recommend, especially our so-called „Organic Thinking“ (- which means the principle: „Always look for the most important question, and then for the answer with best reasons…“ -) and the „Working with Light and Love“…  (In our board of „Givers-Movement“ you can find updated descriptions of our „Method-List“:

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